Children should dress for outdoor as well as indoor play and wear clothing that makes self-toileting easy. Please do not select clothes that must be kept spotless. For safety purposes, sandals and flip-flops are not recommended. Clearly label all backpacks, lunch boxes and clothing with your child’s name. When in doubt, LABEL IT!

Discipline Policy

Limits are set in each classroom to assure safety for all children, care of property, good health habits and consideration for others. Our goal is to help a child retain control of emotions and actions. When necessary teachers will: redirect a child to another activity; temporarily remove a child to time out; or schedule a parent conference.

At no time shall children be subjected to discipline that is severe, humiliating or frightening. Discipline shall not be associated with food, rest or toileting. Spanking or any other form of physical punishment is prohibited.


An enrollment forms must be completed and returned to the director.  A non- refundable enrollment fee is required to reserve your child’s place.


If your child will not be at school, a phone call to the school office (239-649-1811 or 239-213-5250) or email to: is appreciated.

Parents are required to place emergency contact information on file with the school. Please notify the office of any changes and be certain a current phone number is on file. Facilities for emergency care in school are very limited. Arrangements for taking your child home should be made promptly.

Regarding communicable diseases, only a physician or nurse from the Collier County Health department can certify that a child is free of communicable disease. For the safety of all children we request that the child is kept home until an official clearance has been obtained.

If a serious illness or injury occurs, the parent will be notified immediately, and the director may call emergency Medical Services or take the child to an emergency care facility. Medical treatment will require parental permission. In cases where the legal guardian cannot be reached, your director may make any emergency medical decisions if the injury is life threatening.

For your child’s protection, we cannot administer medication.


Each class may hold a Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter, and end-of-the-year party. Teachers will arrange for parents to bring in treats. Children may celebrate their birthday in class. Parents are to make arrangements with the classroom teacher at least one week in advance.

Progress Report

Progress reports are sent home in January and May for the three and four year olds.

School Hours and Closings

School office hours are 8:00am to 11:50am.  Three- and four-year-old classes will begin promptly at 8:25am. Two-year-old classes will begin at 9:00am.

We normally follow the Collier County Public Schools and will close at any time the public schools close due to emergency or weather. For the latest information on the public schools, watch channel 99, The Education Channel.


Special items may be brought to school only on a day specified by the teacher. Family photos, nature objects and vacation souvenirs are all great ideas for show-n-tell. Please do not send in anything fragile or irreplaceable.

Things to Leave at Home

Keep all toys, gum or candy at home. Items of value such as jewelry, electronic games, heirlooms and money should also remain at home.

Pets may not be brought to school unless requested by a teacher for a special project. Permission from the director is required before an animal may be brought to school.

Teacher Requests

Teacher requests for the following school year may be made by parents. A written letter should be delivered to the preschool director.  Requests will always be considered, but cannot be guaranteed.


Visitors are always welcome at Moorings. For the safety and protection of all students, visitors must check in at the office before proceeding to a classroom.


Parents, grandparents and community members are encouraged to help students and staff members in a variety of ways. Please contact your child’s teacher for information.