About Us

Moorings Presbyterian Preschool was founded in 1978 and is one of the oldest, continuously operating preschools in Collier County. We are certified and licensed by the Florida Department of Children and Family Services, and we are an approved Voluntary Prekindergarten Provider. The Moorings Presbyterian Preschool meets all of the state licensing requirements for your child’s health and safety.  Our maximum enrollment is 100 students, which provides a 10:1 student/teacher ratio.

Our Mission Statement

In its outreach to the larger community, the mission of Moorings Presbyterian Preschool is to provide an affordable, high quality academic education in a Christian environment of acceptance, love and guidance.  Each and every student of Moorings Presbyterian Preschool is celebrated as God’s perfect child.  We accomplish this celebration through individualized instruction according to the skills of each child and by creating an environment of understanding and compassion to help each child to feel welcomed and successful.  The Moorings Presbyterian Preschool welcomes children and families of all ethnic, racial, religious and cultural backgrounds.

Our Values and Beliefs

We believe developmentally appropriate early childhood experiences foster wonder and a lifelong love of learning, which is why we strive to create a warm and accepting environment that encourages children to express themselves freely and promotes children’s social, emotional, physical, cognitive and spiritual growth.

We also believe that children feel competent and excited about learning by building on their existing knowledge, and we inspire children’s self-confidence through our small, professionally led classes, which we believe provide the best early out-of-home setting for children to develop their socialization skills.

Because we believe that everyone is loved by God and has worth and dignity, we also believe in embracing children of varied faiths, while we celebrate Christian traditions, such as prayer and monthly chapel attendance, that help children find empathy.  We believe in continuing to foster the growth of empathy through exposing children to people of varied ethnic, social and religious backgrounds, as well as to those with varying mental and physical abilities, in order to teach them respect for other and create a climate of inclusion.